Is there a way to disable auto zoom on the map?

The Map has this annoying issue where it zooms to the default level whenever there’s an update to the items tracked there. It makes looking at something that moves really impossible. For example I wanted to check if my wife has manage to choose proper route when driving somewhere and it was from hard up to impossible sometimes. I tried to find some setting related to that but I failed. So is there way to disable this?

I dislike this auto zoom too.
A possible workaround:

  1. Create a template sensor with two attributes - latitude, longitude.
  2. Set their values to a center of a region you want to monitor, set a state to “not_home”.
  3. Add this sensor to the map card with your person.
  4. Hide the sensor’s marker by card-mod.

Also you may set these coordinates dependently on some input_select for different regions.

Another solution is to manually set a position to some device_tracker. But I do not like this way since I need a spare entity for this.