Is there a way to edit just one Lovelace View in YAML or a way to duplicate a Lovelace View?

I am not sure, but is there a way to edit the YAML code of a Lovelace View separately just like it is possible for Cards and Sub-Cards, etc.? I only seem to be able to either edit the View’s configuration in yaml, but that does not include the full View with all the Cards:

or alternatively I can use the full raw configuration editor:

Screenshot 2023-05-14 01.24.35

but then I edit the entire dashboard and I need to find the View that I want to edit and it is easy to make mistakes and one can mess up the entire dashboard (I am speaking of experience). And unlike for Cards where I can edit the YAML down to the Card level, also e.g. in Stacks (or for the entire dashboard where one can just copy the entire raw config), there also does not seem to be an easy way to duplicate just one View?

I am hoping that I am just missing something? Or would that be a valid feature request?