Is there a way to fully control RGBW light from color wheel (white channel included)?


I have a question, perhaps this cannot be done, or maybe it’s pretty easy but i can’t find it, se bear with me

I have a couple of WIZ rgb lights (a normal bulb, and a “dichroic”), both are RGBWW, meaning Red, Green, Blue, Cold White, and Warm White leds

When in color mode (in the Wiz app), fully saturated colors only use RGB leds, but once you start desaturating (which in HA would be to go towards to the center of the color wheel), the WARM White led is added and used

As said, this works fine in the app, but in HA, the color wheel only changes the RGB leds, resulting in dull washed colors when you go towards the center, not ideal

I understand that you have a warm white slider under the wheel, to control that led separately (see image below), but this is really bad UI, so, my question, is there a way to use the color wheel to control the warm white channel too? as in the native wiz app, or even as with Hue lights in HA itself (those are not RGBWW i think, but you get my point)

Thank you!

I’m also interested in this. I have found the Shelly rgbw2 controller does support the rgbw_color mode allowing you to set both white and color leds simultaneously. However I haven’t found an rgbww_color supporting controller.