Is there a way to get a ceiling fan to not be classified as a light?

Im just getting running on my RPi3 and connected it to my Vera. I just got Google Assistant working too. Is there a way to get ceiling fans to not be considered a ‘light’? When I say: “Ok Google, turn On/Off living room lights” it will turn the lights and the fan on/off. I want to leave the fan on/off but because its seen as a light google lumps them in with the rest of the lights.

Not sure about how to make it not be a light, but I ended up creating a group with all lights (and switches) and excluded my couple fans. Then use the group to turn off and on.

Kind of a pain but I found the groups useful for other things such as night time routines, etc

is your ceiling fan in the fan domain or light domian in home assistant?

My ceiling fan, based on a zwave wall switch designed for ceiling fans, and is in the fan domain. What domain is yours in? Is google assistant confused, or is your HA telling it the fan is a light, perhaps because you’re using a light switch?

Not sure if it’s possivle to reconfigure the domain of a device (though I’m interested if there is).

You can turn any device into another device using template sensors and a little ingenuity. Aside from that, It is possible that home assistant is giving all devices to google as lights. I believe that’s what emulated hue does.

Sorry for the delayed response, I never got a notification that there was a reply.
Could you explain how to tell if the device is in a fan or light domain? Can it be changed manually?

The entity_id for the device always starts with the domain. so if your entity_id is device_tracker.petro, that would be in the device_tracker domain. In your case you’d be looking for or