Is there a way to have an iOS device send a “one shot” location update every 15 minutes?

@robbiet480 Some of my iPhones aren’t updating their location until they move far enough to pickup a different cell tower. Using the one shot update fixes this. Is there a way to set the app to automatically push send a one shot update every 15 minutes or something similar?

You can create an automation in home assistant that will send a specially crafted message through the notify platform with the message “request_location_update” and if the iOS device receives it, it may respond accordingly. However, there are limitations and the device may not respond. Also because it uses push notifications, it counts towards your daily limit of 150 push notifications.

That might work, but I want to put the burden on the app, not HA. Since you can already do a hot shot “push” from the app, why not allow schedules pushes?

fair enough. Robbie doesn’t frequent the forums much, if at all (at least to respond). He’s on the Discord channel though, so you may want to try and ask him there.

This is how iOS typically works.
The default location update is to use “On significant location change”, which is to preserve battery, and provide flexibility in implementation for apple to use things like wifi, cellular network, etc instead of hammering the GPS location from satellites.

Sending a location update every 15 minutes WILL have battery impact.

There are probably other apps that can do this etc, or could look at making a pull request in to the iOS app.

My “problem” is that some devices don’t appear on the map outside of the home zone. Is there a trigger that can detect a missing device and send a pull request? This would effect the 150 limit. I don’t understand why there is even a limit to these requests.

The limit would be to protect against either deliberate or accidental abuse of the system that could lead to a lower quality of service or revoking of platform services.

So, let me get this down:

  1. The device starts off “at home”
  2. The device moves a short distance aware from home, but not far enough to trigger a significant location change (e.g. within say 500-1000m)?
  3. A more significant location change, such as 3000m would show up just fine.

There might be some options, assuming I have the use case understood.

Let’s say my wife goes to work. Her device doesn’t appear on the HA map, but the findmy App shows her location properly.