Is there a way to know when and which direction a person goes through a door (beside PIR sensor)

Is there any possibility?

Some ideas:

  • a led beam in the door frame (that will be interrupted)
  • something on the handle

any available solution in the market, or something DIY

I am planning to do exactly that with two curtain motion sensors fixed on either side for the door. I have them ordered, now wait for another month to get it delivered…
Anyway my house is still being built, I have all the time in the world to wait.

Cooll, you are planning to use the person counting method?

Someone has or had an extensive blog about their System with misterhouse online. He had this feature using two beams across each doorway. I don’t recall what his name is to help in the google search.


I spent some time looking for it. Found it. This guy was my inspiration during my early home automation days. He hasn’t updated it in many years but he still has some really great stuff.

I was referring to this

but I think is difficult ot find the proper PIR, they need to be narrow like Kerui p917 (or 817 can’t remember now)

YES! This is exactly the idea.

And NO, I wan’t do it, way too much DIY :frowning:

That is the ultimate aim, will get there one day:wink:

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