Is there a way to make a force-resfresh of browser (key shortcut) and reload the floorplan.svg

I’m playing with the floorplan, and noticed something that makes it a bit cumbersome when setting up (read: constantly making small changes to the *.svg file).

A force-refresh of the browser (cmd + shift + R on macOS) that typically reloads images, etc., does not do so for the floorplan. I need to manually go to settings and delete cookies every time.

I’ve tested this on a few different browsers with the same result (where when tested in the same way, other websites do load new images). I know there’s a global workaround (that requires the developer toolbox to be open), or one that requires disabling caching for all sites, always.

Is there a reason the floorplan.svg behaves differently fro most media in this regard?

I am not sure of the reason but yes floorplan can be painful due to the caching. Worst was when it was in development and the actual ha-floorplan files were cached! Having said that as floorplans got larger, people like me asked for a caching option. So if you do the following you should find you can control whether the files are cached or not:

panel: true
  - type: vertical-stack
      - type: 'custom:floorplan-card'
            location: /local/floorplan/floorplan_mgzsev.svg
            cache: false
            location: /local/floorplan/floorplan.css
            cache: false

There are lots more options in the docs Usage - Floorplan for Home Assistant

Awesome, this is perfect for testing/development. And I agree, once done, I’d also prefer caching. Thanks (again)!