Is there a way to set a tap action to toggle between two cards?

Example: Horizontal stack with two items, on tap, turns into a vertical stack of two items. Or a stack of icons that expand into an entity list with the labels. And tapping the new card reverts back to the old card.

Perhaps by using conditional cards.

You could use a select_input and then based on the selected value make a conditional card with the apprpriate format.


How would I make it so that the whole view has one tap action? I’ll have a vertical stack containing two horizontal stacks, each containing a bunch of entities. The entities, by default, can be tapped. I don’t really want that. I want the whole group of entities to have one single tap action that toggles the bool.

I currently have everything set up how I want it with a button next to the view I want flipping, but that’s not quite what I want.

u could use the same action on every entity so they can be individually pressed but al do the same thing.


Looks like this is my only option. Causes a ton of code bloat though.