Is there a way to test the strength of your ZHA Zigbee signal?

I’m starting to set up a few automations and would like to put a motion detector in the garage. The garage is attached to our home and would only be one wall away from the antenna but it’s a cement breeze block wall. I’d like to check signal strength before I buy anything. I mean what’s the point if the signal doesn’t reach.

Is there an inexpensive way to check that signal strength?

Move one of your devices in to the garage and test it

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Right, but I don’t have any extra devices. I only have one device right now and it’s already set up. If I used that I’d have to set it up all over again wouldn’t I?

I guess I could go ahead and buy the motion detector and if it doesn’t reach try to find another use for it.

I thought maybe there was a simple gadget to measure signal strength.

What do you mean with set it up?
You mean mount it on a wall?
Hang it from the ceiling?
Plug it in to an outlet?
Or just place it on a surface?
If any of above then yes.

I don’t know what the device is or where it is so I can’t answer if it’s much work it is to move it and move it back.

Does moving the device (smart plug) to the garage break the automation I’ve already set up for it? If, after testing in the garage, I move it back to the kitchen will I have to recreate the automaton? I’d like to avoid that.

What is the device? But as said if a plug unplug from kitchen and plug in in the garage, same with any device, no need to rename or anything just move it, test the signal and move it back again, nothing will change except the signal level.

Perfect. It’s a Salus SP600 Smart Plug. I didn’t want to have to do the automation all over again.

Thanks all and sorry for such a rookie question.

No problem we all start somewhere :slight_smile: