Is there a way to use state_filter not_off

I have an entity-filter card using state_filter to display the state of various entities only when their state is ‘on’

  - 'on'

But is it possible to use ‘not_off’ instead of ‘on’ ?
I have tried all possible imaginable syntax combinations, but to no avail.

The sixth one:

operator string (optional)

Operator to use in the comparison. Can be == , <= , < , >= , > , != , in , not in , or regex .


  - 'off'
operator: '!='

Thank you, but that didn’t work. now it shows all entities with state = Off.
The ‘!=’ doesn’t seem to do anything.

Please take the time to read the documentation. There’s examples that cover this.

  - operator: "!="
    value: 'off'

Yes, thank you. That works :ok_hand:
( it never occurred to me that “!=” means “not”)

Please mark petro’ s post as the solution.

Also apologies for steering you incorrectly in the use of the operator option. I should have checked the documents.

That’s all right. @petro was right; it is my responsibility to read (and understand) the docs.
I appreciate all your help :blush: