Is there a way to write attributes with "subattributes" to a template sensor?

Hi, I would like to write some of the following attributes into their own template sensors…
Is there a way for doing this?

The only way I have found so far is with the custom flex-table-card - but it is not exactly what I need…

The output in the template page is the following:

{{ state_attr('sensor.solaredge_api_inverters', 'inverters') }}
[{'name': 'Inverter 1', 'manufacturer': 'SolarEdge', 'model': 'SE12.5K-RW0T0BNN4', 'communicationMethod': 'ETHERNET', 'dsp1Version': '1.13.1938', 'dsp2Version': '2.19.1511', 'cpuVersion': '4.15.119', 'SN': '7E0BDC4A-AF', 'connectedOptimizers': 39}]

I want to write information like model, dsp1version, and so on into their own sensors.

I believe you can just index the dictionary. [‘model’]


{{ state_attr('sensor.solaredge_api_inverters', 'inverters')  [‘model’] }}


{{ state_attr('sensor.solaredge_api_inverters', 'inverters') [0][‘model’] }}

thanks :smiley: that’s really easier than I thought :+1: