Is there an addon to copy my snapshots to an NAS?

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I have recently moved my Home Assistant to an Intel Nuc dedicated for Home Assistant. I installed the image for HassOS and restored the latest backup. Worked great.

Before this move, I was running Home Assistant Supervised on Ubuntu. Being unable to update HA was the reason for making the move.

In Ubuntu I had a cron job running rsync every midnight that copied the contents of .storage to my NAS. Since in HassOS there is no shell to edit or run cron from, or even to mount my NAS, how do other users copy the contents of .storage automatically?

Have a look at this:

I use it on my Pi4 to backup to my Synology NAS, and works fine.

Thanks. Samba Backup is exactly what I was looking for.
The NAS I wanted to use is old and even using compatibility_mode: true I never could get the add-on to log on to the NAS. So, I wound up using a Samba share on my Ubuntu machine. Works great.