Is there any advantage of Influxdb 2.x over 1.x?

I’m curious, are there any reasons to start with Influxdb 2.x as opposed to 1.x? The only things I’ve found so far are the different query language in 2.x and that there are more tutorials for 1.x. And then 1.x does not migrate to 2.x very well.

I’ve created two Linux containers on Proxmox, one for InfluxDB 1.8 and one for InfluxDB 2.7. I created an indfluxdb_config.yaml for each and get both to log data just fine (only 1 at a time by changing which config file and restarting HA). I ran against the 1.8 instance for a day then decided that 2.7 is newer… so I should use that and switched to 2.7. I’ve only got about 4 days of data so I can’t see anything for performance. I did find another Influxdb integration for Unifi that needs 1.x, so maybe I should just run one 1.x instance.

My google skills are coming up short on which version might be better over the next few years. Thoughts?