Is There Any Hope For The Growatt Integration

As users of the Growatt Integration will know it is not working at the moment. It is being suggested that we give up on the integration and switch to Grott instead. Unfortunately for me this is not possible. To get Grott to work I have to alter the settings on my WiFi dongle. I have a service agreement with my installer and they have said any such alterations will invalidate my agreement with them. I only use Home Assistant to link my solar panels to my immersion (hot water tank) heater and nothing else.

So is there any possibility that the current Growatt Integration be made to work or a new one be written.

If not it will be bye bye to HA for me I am afraid.

At the moment I am using the excellent work here

And some simple python scripts to inform me by email when my solar battery has sufficient charge to heat the tank up but I have to do the turning on and off myself (via and app!)

Alternative: Buy a second Shine WiFi dongle (~ € 10 here in Germany), flash it with ESPHome or MQTT-Firmware and use it with Home Assistant. If you need the services of your installer, simply plug the old WiFi dongle back into the inverter. :wink:

My installer monitors my system as part of the agreement so this is not an option

Great News - if you install the intention via HACs it now works again - than you som much to the developer.