Is there any interest in a generic message-center/mailbox component?

I recently developed a voicemail component to allow viewing voicemail on my asterisk PBX (as I mentioned here):

But I was thinking that I could easily convert this to a more generic message-center type component that could be extended to show messages for various purposes.An obvious case would be-email, though I am not sure writing an entire email client inside home-assistant is a reasonable request.

The current code is sufficient for voicemail use, and works well in conjunction with my PBX, but if folks have any ideas about the usefulness of a more generic message-listing component, I could refactor it to be more generic.

Maybe some use cases will help to understand the potential?

Actually, that is exactly what I’m looking for, since I haven’t thought of many.

The frontend panel is just a multi-column table. It looks similar to the main page of an e-mail client like GMail…showing a list of messages with a little info about each. You can request additional info about each message from the backend (in my case the Audio from the voice mailbox) and can tell the backend to process a message (in my case delete it)

I guess you could use it to see and dismiss a list of priority notifications. For instance if you wanted a message each time an event occurred and wanted some method to preserve, view and delete those messages.

Possbly you could use it as a twitter input stream, though I’m sceptical it would be an ideal fit.

You could use it with a TTS plugin to have a message board to leave short messages for yourself or others in the household.

In its current incarnation, it can only handle Asterisk voicemail, and I think it does that task well. I am not 100% convinced there is a more generic use-case, so I was thinking soeone might voice a use hat would make it worthwhile to make this component more generically applicable.

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Thanks for the description; I have a better understanding of it now (as may others who see this) and I’ll give it some thought.

I would love something like this. Something like sending a voice message via Telegram to my bot and it playing on my whole house audio system.