Is there any media player (e.g. AppleTV, Roku, FireStick, etc.) that supports deep links to episodes/series/movie in Netflix/Prime/Disney/Plex etc.?

I’m looking for a way to automate ‘Open ‘app’ on TV (e.g. Netflix) and open ‘specific TV Show’ (e.g. Friends)’

I have an AppleTV, but opening a specific app is not supported. I could buy a different media player (e.g. Roku, FireTV) if I can do this.

I want to make an NFC tag that my kid can use to turn on TV, and open up the show on the tag (might be in Netflix, Plex, Prime, Disney+).

Would like to do this without assuming a certain app layout (e.g. right + right + down + enter)


I’m interested in this too. I’ll be watching this post

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I’ve been looking into this further and it seems like it might take some cobbling together, but Emby using the api seems promising. I can send a request to the server to play item x (a specific episode of The Big Bang Theory for example) on a particular session (associated with the player app). I can already turn my tv on and switch to the fire tv stick and then change the fire tv stick to the emby app so that seems to be all of the pieces and I just need to put them together. I’m not sure if this same thing would be possible with Netflix or the other streaming services.

I tried to make it so if I asked google to play paw patrol or say paw patrol time it would play on Plex. It worked if the Apple TV was on as the input source on the TV. Also if the photos screensaver is on the screen it would start playing in the background with the darn screensaver still playing. I really like that screensaver so I have to find a way to stop the screensaver first.

I’ve been super busy with work so I haven’t been able to really dig into it as much as I’d like. NFC would be an easy trigger if the action works.

Edit: also the Apple TV is connected to a Roku TV so ultimately I want to make sure the TV is on and the input source is set. Alternatively I might just play through Plex on the Roku but, not my preferred route.

I am pretty sure Kodi could do this.

Roku has a search function, it would require some input manipulation but it’s more dependable.

Update: I’ve managed to get it working with android adb commands to a FireStick and using Emby

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