Is there any more accurate weather service provider for Hassio?

Hi guys,

I am using Darksky as provider for my weather platform but I found out that it is very inaccurate. I have several automation that triggers based on the darksky_icon state changing into ‘rain’ but they are rarely run as I want although I set the latitude and longitude exactly as where my house is. Sometimes it triggers the ‘rain’ automations when it’s very clear and sunny but when it rains heavily, nothing happened. My wife keeps calling this is stupid-home function, not smart-home :roll_eyes: .
However, I notice that the weather indicator in my Samsung Galaxy is quite accurate and I found out that it’s using The Weather Channel as information provider. So I wonder that is there any solution to use a more accurate weather information provider like The Weather Channel for my Home Assistant? Thank you.

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You might start by taking a look here… This link will take you to the weather category. Different integrations will probably give differing accuracy depending where you are in the world.

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Thank you for your advice. I searched in the URL and noticed that most of the integrations there are from EU or Australia while I am in Vietnam. Still don’t know which will be suitable for me :slight_smile: And besides these built-in integration, is there any custom component or integration that can provide weather information also? Thanks.

If you really want to run automations based on current weather, I don’t believe that any Weather Integration will do the trick for you. First, as you noticed, they are not all accurate for all locations in the world, secondly, the update frequency from the supplier can vary from every 10 minutes to every day.

My best advice is to spend a little money on a Local Weather station, and then pull that station for data about rain, etc. That will give you very local and very fast information. There are quit a few officially supported and also a few Custom Integrations already available.

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Thank you. Could you please recommend me some Local Weather Stations that are reliable and have good Custom Integration with Hassio? Thank again.

Netatmo and Ambient Weather are supported out-of-the-box from Home Assistant. Ambient Weather stations might not be available in all regions and I don’t know about Vietnam. But I will assume that Netatmo can be purchased evrywhere.

Personally I run a Davis Vantage Vue weather station, that I have added a Meteobridge Nano Datalogger to. This is not the cheapest setup, but it is very reliable and updates data every 10 seconds. For that setup, I have written an Integration that adds it to Home Assistant.

In the end it boils down to how much money you want to spend, whats available in your region and how often you need data - but I think for your setup, the Netatmo solution would be good.

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