Is there any pool heater that can be switched by HA?


I would like to install a pool heater.
Now I’m looking for an electric pool heater that I can control with Home Assistant.
To be precise, I have a deye inverter and would like to operate the pool heater while I have a lot of sun.
Does anyone have any tips for me?
Thank you

I’m using just a generic dumb pool heater with a thermostat bolted on it self. I set that thermostat to maximum temperature.
I control it with home assistant using a smart power outlet and a temperature sensor.

So, that way, I have a cheap heater, which is smart and the built in thermostat just works as a fail-safe unit, when the HA control fails, it wil not overheat…

Works like a charm :wink:

Hm ok. but that is exactly what I am looking for.
something that I can turn on with a device like a shelly and maybe a thermostat so it turns off when the temperature is reached.
I have not found any device that is that kind of simple.

maybe it works with something like this … but im not sure:

it works with any heater. You just need dedicated temperature sensor and a smart switch in order to be able to overrule the bolted on thermostat.

I’m using this one: Qubino Enkelvoudige Relaisschakelaar Z-Wave Plus kopen? | We ❤️ Smart! | ROBBshop

with this one: Qubino Z-Wave Temperatuursensor -

to measure the temperature and switch the heater.

Controlling it with HA Generic Thermostat, that comes with Home Assistant…

There surely is something like that for any system like Zigbee or WiFi.

Ok - sure that is exactly what i am looking for and the core of my question.
the simplest analog pool heater would be best then.
If there is any pool heat pump known that could do the same - it would be nice to know which one can be controlled from Home Assistant.
I try it with a cheap pool heater then.

My guess now would be (like you said) use the simple analog pool heater with temperature control - let it control itself for failsafe - so it turns off if the Poolpump is not running or something fails.
Use the Temperatursensor to watch and control the watertemp for the automation part of the pool temp.

Sounds great to me.
Where did you put the TemSensor physically - I ask because this is a closed system and you have to put the sensor somewhere.

Reused an old jet, fitted an sensor in it and got it there, where the actual bath temperature can be measured. In the tube itself. The middle jet on the picture identifies as temperature sensor :wink: