Is there any Rf 433 reader which works with HA

I have an old gsm alarm and 10 RF sensors for it. Is it possible to receive RF, and trigger HA automation. So when the Alarm panel rang and the signal goes to HA? Are there RF receivers for HA? It’s a pity to throw away the alarm, and switch to Xiaomi, since 1) It works without the Internet via GSM, it is very reliable 2) It has a battery and will not fail in case of power outages.

See if you can find what you are looking for with this product (can be connected on HA):

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Both work with HA.

BUT! My own experience is, that both of them do not guarantee reception of signals of your alarm. You have to test it, before you buy it.

For example, I have the Sonoff and the Broadlink mini, and both had failed to receive signals from some ccheap remote’s for wall outlets. Sonoff did not see some German made remote, Broadlink did not see the Dutch KlikAanKlikUit remote. But most of the tested stuff worked well.

Consider also, that integration of those devices is not just click and run. Al the codes the alarm can produce must be learned manually… I wish, there was a better way.

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You could probably use something like this with rtl_433:

They sell the same kit at Amazon. Watch out for knock off RTL SDRs.

You basically tell it the frequency(ies) you want to monitor and it dumps everything it detects into your MQTT server, which can be integrated into Home Assistant. On Home Assistant OS there is an addon called something like Rattler 433 you can use which uses rtl_433, but makes setup easier I guess. I run container so I can’t say I’ve tried it. Overall, its not the most elegant setup with the antennas, but it does work. I left mine for a week scanning each main data frequency for 300s each and picked up a ton of weather stations, tire pressure sensors, some random alarm contacts, etc.

I’m really just experimenting with this stuff so no exact home automation need, just messing around.

I have some broadlink rm pro, but it can receive RF signal, when it learning. I can see orange indicator when it learning. After about one minute, learning mode automatically closed.

I know that, but what I’m saying is, that even in the learning mode not every device will be seen. Maybe the device’s use some unknown protocol or something. You have to be aware of that.

I actually thought that a Broadlink could only be a permanent RF transmitter, I need a receiver. For example, listen a leakage sensor, and start the automation at this moment. But I will also ask it at Broadlink topic, thanks.

RFXtrx433E USB HA controller posted by @browetd and the Sonoff will do that, I’m not sure about the Broadlink. Having it laying around, not having the time to figure out, how to use it with HA :smiley:

I use the Sonoff 433Mhz bridge mentioned above, all my devices work fine. I have 433Mhz PIRs, wall switches , reed sensors, remotes and alarms.

I believe you can also upgrade the firmware on the RF portion of the bridge to extend it’s 433Mhz capabilities - here is an older YouTube video from Dr Zzs which may start you in the right direction. I haven’t needed to but many have done this.

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Alternative for RFXTRX :

How to build a RFLink 433MHz radio smarthome gateway for €10.50. Test with Domoticz • DIY Projects

I don’t love the Sonoff RF Bridge but it does work.

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