Is there any way I can customize the history tab in the UI?

I use the history tab pretty heavily, monitoring the graphs about things like humidity and temperature in different rooms of my house. I was wondering if I have any control over the display of this page?

My biggest annoyance is that any state with a unit of % gets combined into the same graph, which includes stuff like memory used with humidity readings. Ideally I’d like to separate all the humidity states into their own graph. Or even just being able to set certain stats to being default hidden would be nice.

Another thing I’d like to be able to do is arrange the order these graphs are in, so that the items I tend to care about are at the top.

I’m aware I could stop recording these stats to remove them from the UI, but I still want them recorded.

The only way you can separate the graphs on the History page is by customising the entities to have different units of measurement.

You can not change the order on the History page.

You could create your own history page where you would have control of what is shown where.