Is there any way I can hear the Assist response on the app?

Hi everyone!

I’m using the new Assist feature and its great, but I don’t know how to enable (if it’s possible) to hear the Assist response on the companion app. I can talk to it and it replies, but only by text.
If I use the Assist in computer or mobile browser I can hear the response, but not in the App.
I know the App uses a browser component to show the UI, so why the sound its not working? Do I have to enable something or give it an special permission? Or maybe sound its not implemented?


make sure android system webview is fully up to date and is googles version from the play store.

I have Home Assistant app versión 2023.3.0-full and latest stable Webview 113.0. 5672.76 (released on May 2).