Is there any way of showing a webpage in homeassistant that doesn't use iframe

I have this webpage which shows me the live departure of trams and busses. It would be so great to show this, unfortunately the iframe doesn’t work. Maybe…i don’t know read the webpage with curl and render the page myself ?

Any other way embedding this ?

Node Red can do alot of stuff like that.

There is no API you can use. That is much better than trying to parse a webpage that could change it’s layout any day.

What do you mean is much better? The current implementation with iframe?
I agree parsing it myself wouldn’t be a great solution.

Could you give me an example, how would Node Red fix this situation?

APIs give you just the data and not all the html and all that.
And if the webpage is anything but html or PHP then you won’t get any data from parsing it anyways.

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My flow to get newest Tasmota version.

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It does not show the page as such, but it can give you the values and you can then add them to you frontend, like any other sensor.


I’m probably simplifying this but for me then i would:

  1. change the url
  2. how would i view the values from this? does it put it in homeassistant already?

It will be much easier if you start giving us details and answer questions

Sorry, what’s the question ?

This is the webpage i’m trying to embed/get values from.

I.e. you select a bus, then when you click on the number you get live departures. Seeing the website already has all the data, it almost seems criminal not just to embed it (if possible).

Of course there must be something like this already.

A search for “home assistant london” came up with this as first hit.

And this shows why you should include necessary information in the first post.
Had you given us the city, the webpage then you would have got an answer more or less immediately.

It’s not to be rude to ask for basic information that should have been presented from the start.
Heck! It’s even part of the forum guidelines.