Is there any way to control the LED indicator on GE in-wall dimmer switches

I have some GE in wall dimmers Model 4944-3038, moving from ST to HA. I am able to pair the switches and control them, but the Blue LED indicator is on all the time. Annoying when the switch is off in the bedroom.
Any way to control that in HA? It was available in ST.

Yes, there should be option

I have 14294/zw3005 and other similar model

It is under zwavejsui >> device >> configuration >> 112-0-3 Night Light


HA UI >> device >> device info >> configure >> night light

Looks like it did not pair properly. Re-interview fixed it

Just wait a while. They will go dark. The blue LED on all of my GE/JASCO switches have failed.

Agreed, I bailed on my GE/JASCO switches. My old home would experience power outages and the switches rarely survived. I found out it was a known issue. :thinking:

Out of curiosity, what did you replace them with? I have not found a reliable paddle switch. I have some of these, some Leviton and some Zooz. All have problems and are not well supported.

I’ve been pretty happy with Zooz.

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I moved away from switches after my GE experience and went with Hue bulbs (color and white bulbs). It was a tough decision with 100+ bulbs, but I chose to switch to ZigBee over ZWave. I was the biggest ZWave fan, but the availability of ZigBee devices grew astronomically. From my understanding, ZWave chips had sourcing issues so the market changed.

I ditched the Hue hub and run a SLZB-06 ethernet coordinator. For the few switches I have left, I use Lutron Caseta. It’s a secondary hub, but my house has limited neutral lines and they have switches that accommodate that.

I know most of this doesn’t help with a ZWave network.

For Zwave, Zooz. was my go to!

Fibaro makes good devices. You connect them to your own physical switch, though. I have about 40 of them.