Is there any way to declare default settings for blueprint inputs?

Existing helper components like input_number offer a means to define an initial value. Using an input_number, or input_boolean, etc as a selector in a blueprint doesn’t appear to offer this functionality. Worse, the user is shown a default value (example, 0 for an input_number) but the user is then given an error if they don’t go and change that value. If they wanted that value to be 0, they have to know ahead of time that you need to change it to not-zero, then back to zero. This is really weird for things like booleans, the users just has to know that you need to toggle that switch, and toggle it again to not get an error when saving the blueprint.

Am I misunderstanding this? Is there any way to provide a default value, and to have that value accepted by Home Assistant such that when a user clicks “save” with a screen full of their settings, they actually save the settings they see instead of receiving an error message and then needing to know they need to adjust all those settings and change them back before clicking save?

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FWIW, I reported this bug in the Frontend repository (in December).

Cannot save a blueprint with default selector values until values are modified

This bug is awaiting correction. Be advised that some bugs are never corrected (I know this from experience). It all depends on the availability of time, interest, and manpower.

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