Is there any way to override a device_tracker.xxxxx's attributes?

I have a device where it gets its location tracking based on “I think” our Internet router; since this device doesn’t have its own GPS. However, its latitude/longitude is a little off, per Google Maps. Is there a way to override the longitude/latitude of either my Internet router or device_tracker.xxxxx attributes?

First of all I personally would be interested to know what this device is … and then how it got the lat/lon :slight_smile: There are options to overwrite, e.g. via HACS automations there is a python script but… if/when the device gets updated from that lat/lon source it will go back.

You can use the device_tracker.see service to set a device’s location, including lat/lon… but it will get overwritten anytime the device updates.

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Thank you.

It’s my son’s Amazon Fire tablet. I’m curious how it figured out the latitude and longitude as well. It’s about 150 feet off. I just enabled his tablet’s Wi-Fi & Bluetooth scanning for its location service; which is supposed to improve location detection. If it doesn’t help, I’ll probably just disable location tracking.

Ah, I see. So, I have two types of tablets, iOS and Android and they are both pretty fine with location. I do not want to state the obvious but 9did you address the topic of location preciseness?

After I enabled bluetooth/wifi location scanning, on the tablet, it didn’t affect location precision. I don’t think it even did anything.

How precise are your Android/IOS tablets’ location preciseness that do NOT have a GPS? Are they within 20 feet precise or less? I only have experience with GPS-enabled mobile devices, which are within 10feet precise.

I believe the location is based on the public IP.
See what location comes up when you search for your IP, is it the same as the tablet?

It’s definitely not based on public IP address; otherwise, it would be 8 miles away from where I live. It’s currently/roughly 100ft -150ft away from our home.

Amazon uses its own location tracking algorithm based on known Wi-Fi AP’s and Bluetooth devices: How to Turn on Amazon Fire Tablet Location Services

I was hoping after I turned on Wi-Fi/Bluetooth scanning location settings on the tablet it would make a difference, but it didn’t seem to do anything.

BTW: The device_tracker for the Amazon Tablet eventually displayed relatively accurate. It took about a week for it to estimate a more precise location after I turned on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi scanning for location services on the tablet.