Is there any way to remove or disable Media Browser?

I do not need this function at this time furthermore, it uses one line in the side menu.
Is there any way to remove this completely???

Long press the title of the side menu.
Hit the cross on the items you want to remove.
Click the 'Done’button at the top of the menu.


I use HA via web browser, and for long press nothing happens…

Let me guess… Safari?

Works in Chrome and Firefox.

The other way is to enable the edit mode via your profile:

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Thank you very much!!! It works now!!!
How much I was looking for this… my fault.

Btw, Chrome

Works in Chrome for me.

Where were you long clicking?

Should be here:

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You are right again…funny guys at HA :smiley:
This is not my day :smiley:

Sorry, but this is not a solution, rather a workaround.
Hiding the mediabrowser from the sidebar is stored only on the browser / app you do it in, and it isn’t even persisted if you clear your cookies.
I don’t want a mediabrowser, no mather what client connects, because I have no media players connected to home assistant.

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Fortunately it was solution enough for the person who asked.

If you want to be able to disable it completely I suggest you go here.

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you can remove media_source from your configuration file

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You made me curious :slight_smile: :grinning:
In what config file you mean, exactly?

In your configuration.yaml

But if you use default_config you might need to change it