Is there any way to run my own cloud server for my home assistant

Hi All
Just wondering if there is any way to have you own Home Assistant Cloud (any software available etc) so I can connect few of my home assistant servers to it and wouldnt have to pay for a cloud accounts for each of them.

You can run HA in any cloud that supports a Debian Linux VM.

That said putting HA in cloud often defeats the point of LOCAL control. Zwave, zigbee and anything else that requires a dongle becomes an order of magnitude more difficult and you will be subject to minimum 30ms delay due to cloud lag

Not exactly what I am after.
I want to be able to manage HA when not at home, without having to port forward my router at home and without having to pay for Home Assistant Cloud account

Look up a VPN solution like Tailsscale or cloudflare


Given that HA is free, this is the only way that they make money to keep developing.

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