Is there any way to track apple airtags via Home Assistant?

Anyone have any idea if the new iOS 17 ability to share Airtags with family could provide easier ways to do this soon?

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@ndbroadbent I’m trying to get MACOS running on proxmox too and keep getting stuck in the Ventura installer at the 12 mins to go mark… Did you get that problem?

Update: I was fortunately able to test on another server and it made further progress by not stopping at the 12 min mark (all steps followed exactly the same). Turns out that putting the MacOS’s disk onto a NVME drive causes the 12 min mark issue. If anyone is experiencing this problem I suggest trying the install steps on a different Proxmox Server hardware to see if it makes any difference for you.

For anyone’s benefit I followed this guide which despite the robot voice (the author is likely from Vietnam) was very easy to follow and we’ll explained

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Hey @muehlt and @ndbroadbent I too have started using the muehlt / home-assistant-findmy script.

I’ve observed that any devices with an apostrophe (i.e. John’s AirTag) does not automatically get added as a device tracker to Home Assistant’s MQTT auto discover. Devices without an apostrophe get added fine (i.e. Johns AirTag). The homeassistant documentation is allowing to manually add the device successfully: MQTT Device Tracker - Home Assistant

Can you confirm if you’re also getting this behaviour and if there’s a manual workaround that does not require renaming device names on the Apple account? (Note: I’m aware that removing apostrophes from the apple name is the easiest solution for me at the moment)

Hi @sebdoan, yes I ran into that issue with single quotes and hash characters, and I opened a PR to fix it: Remove hash from device ID to avoid ValueError: Publish topic cannot contain wildcards. by ndbroadbent · Pull Request #13 · muehlt/home-assistant-findmy · GitHub

It was merged in, so you should run “git pull” to fetch the latest changes and try again

What do you think about this? iCloud3 v3 iDevice Tracker - Version 3 Prerelease version is now available

No. AirTags are not located like an iPhone, iPad or other network type devices. They use low energy Bluetooth to provide location info back to Apple. Apple does not make this available to web base location trackers

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Unfortunately, life is getting in the way at the moment, so I haven’t had the time to test the new release as much as I liked. But you can use the code on GitHub as @ndbroadbent mentioned, if you like :slight_smile:.

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With the release of iOS 17 AirTag locations are now shareable to others, is it possible the API set is now available to be able to track in HA?


You can’t just share them with any old account, you have to be sharing them with an email or phone number that is associated with an Apple ID. The recipient must be running 17+ on the iOS device otherwise it will give you an error telling you you cannot share it to them. Your device must also be running 17+ or the option doesn’t even appear.

In theory somebody could host a couple Apple ID emails on a server then build a web application where you can give them a publicly accessible webhook that points to your home assistant server and share your air tags with them. The server would collect the information of the air tags and forward it back to your home assistant server through the webhook. Sounds very doable. You just have to trust them with all of your location data… This would only work when you’re Internet is accessible, no offline support.

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Oh wow, thank you for making this, i stalled on my own script a while ago, and seeing someone else pick this up and package it properly makes me very happy, good going! :3

That’s a great idea. I would make a donation for it.

I would love to do this but unfortunately not that tech savvy :confused:

Does anyone know of a beginner friendly guide to set up macOS in a VM on my DS423+? Is it even possible?? All I would run on it would be findmysync

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I would definitely vouch for it! We have 2 Iphones, an Ipad, 2 Apple watches and 4 AirTags for the kids. It would definitely be a quality of life improvement when we could track those devices and of course our kids (when they are away) … 1, 2,5 and 5 years old. We can do that on our phones ofc, but this would be awesome.

I’ve a running Proxmox 4 node CEPH cluster hosting some Unbuntu docker hosts to provide containers including home bridge, I could host an extra MACOS VM maybe, but I rather like/want a more native way.


I think this approach may help :smiley:

I did a (German) Video Guide which uses a Proxmox VM and the App Findmy Sync.
Give it a try, I hope subtiles work for you

Youtube How To Guide Proxmox to FindMy Sync

Flo / Flotomation

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