Is there anyway to style the size of the picture elements card?

Hi, I have created a 3D floor plan and using the picture elements card with entities overlay on it. I don’t want it to be put in full screen mode (panel=true) because I want to create a wall mount dashboard with other card on the same view. If I set the panel = false, the picture element looks bit too small and the size of its doesn’t seem to depend on the size of the my floorplan.

Is there anyway i can change the size of the picture element card so that I adjust it to fit my wall mount display?

Thanks in advance.

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Not yet, no.

If you are still looking for a solution and you want something like this…

…I think I can provide some help.

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That is verry nice.
i am currently creating a dashboard and figure out what information i exactly want to display.
i think it is a litle bit to early to start custom designs.
I was looking for a default function wich is simply had missed.

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Sorry, I didn’t explain my point with the screenshot. In it, you can see a picture elements cards on top of a vertical stack card, with two cards below in a horizontal stack. The relevant thing is that I can control the size of the picture elements card (your question) by inserting it into a card mod -