Is there EU plug energy meter without any on/off functionality to be used with fridge-freezer?

I would like to measure the energy used by fridge-freezer. Optimally it would be metering the energy but power might be enough as this is anyway “just for fun”. Is there any without on/off functionality? I really don’t want to risk that thing turning off with a product that has a switch.

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You could use a CT clamp. But that may mean you need to slightly modify the cable to the freezer and separate the live and neutral

Sounds like an operation I’m not going to do

I’m actually looking for something similar as well.
From a pure HA perspective, you can disable the switch entity, which prevents HA mistakes.

Now, that doesn’t prevent someone from actioning the physical switch, nor does it prevent the switch being off after a power outage…

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I use a Fibaro plug (ZWave) for exactly the same reason. It’s bit pricey (Zwave…) but I can say that it never goes off by itself (not once in almost 4 years).
It will also be “on” by itself after a power outage.

I looked for this too. I settled for plug running ESPHOME for my fridge
I have restore_mode set to ALWAYS_ON so its on when it reboots and have the relay and the button internal only to ESPHOME so no entities are exposed, apart from power, voltage, energy etc

On my server, I made up a short extension lead and stripped some of the outer insulation to allow the fitting of a CT clamp.

That is the most reliable solution in my opinion.
Good idea with the extension cord, that way it’s easy to restore to original again.

I have 2 BW-SHP2 using ESPHome and I just briged the relay poles and removed the relay and button code. I never had any problems with that

When you talk about CT Clamps, are you talking DIY (in this case, pointers welcome), or are there “consumer” ones you can integrate with HA without soldering :wink:

Yes, DIY. ESP32 and PZEM-004T v3

Could use a Shelly instead, a lot more expensive:

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I use Sonoff POWR2, just made a bridge between relay poles like @Minionflo did. However, it’s a good setup when you can hide the sonoff. Another solution is to use CurrentCost IAMs, but i’m not sure if you can buy them anymore.