Is there HA integration with Rheem Econonet Thermostats?

Is there HA integration with Rheem Econonet Thermostats? I see there is integration with the econet water heater.

Thank you

No, I had planned on making one but never got around to it. The current econet integration is using their old API and I have plans on trying to move to the new one. Once I dig in, I can reach out and maybe we can look in to adding support for the thermostats.

Hi. I would also greatly like this integration!!
What can I do to help (considering I am a programmer but not a python-hacker and also an HA n00b).
I really would like to control my main HVAC.
(I hate that I had to use Rheem thermostats instead of Insteon).

Well I reached out to Rheem and asked about a public API the current API I have been looking at (proxying the mobile app) is pretty complex (actually uses MQTT for some of it) Rheem reached back out and indicated they do not have a public API but are working to add one within the next 12-18 months. My worry about trying to continue work on the mobile API is that they can change things without notice which would cause us major issues. I think it will be best to wait for their public API. Not having said that, if you want to help take a look at the current API we can do that, I just don’t think it should be something that we merge in to the official HA code should probably live as a custom component. What programming experiencing do you have? Any work with mobile and proxying API calls?

I’m an old-school C hacker, although I am also comfortable in Perl and Shell programming, some a bit of Ruby (on Rails) about a decade ago. I’ve been involved in the GnuCash project for 20 years. But no, not much experience with mobile and proxying API calls, I’m afraid. Comfortable using Wireshark, but I would hope that the app uses TLS to talk to their cloud, so watching the network would be problematic, no?
They do have an Alexa integration, but of course it’s something they put out themselves so again probably could change without notice.
12-18 months (from now) for them to put out a public API seems like a long time, considering you started this effort when? 2017? sigh

Apparently smart-things figured it out:
(Sorry for the cached page; their main site appears broken right now)

Yeah so there are 3 APIs here lol makes it complicated. The API that HA is currently using is the old mobile API I am scared that will get dropped soon and stop working. Their new mobile app is using a new API that I haven’t seen any information on. And then the new API they are working on for public use.

We could do some work to try to get the old mobile API and thermostats working, that would actually be pretty simple, but like I said I am even more scared to use that one because it is so old.

So I tried using wireshark to see any sort of communication coming from my water heater, but couldn’t see anything. It is also on a different subnet so I was having issues. I would be interested in seeing if they are using MQTT to communication from their devices to the cloud, because they are communicating to the new mobile app from the cloud via MQTT. Makes me think it may be possible for some sort of local control which would be amazing.

Which is funny, because they had a PR newsletter in 2015 talking about a “public API”. Hahah.
I have the app installed but have not yet configured my system.
I can check it later.

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@warlord I just released a custom component for testing of an improved Insteon component. Details are here:

It does support the Insteon Thermostat.

Thanks, @teharris1 but I already have an ISY994i which handles all my Insteon programming. I’d like to be able to deal with my ECOnet stuff, too. So while this new component sounds great for HA, it doesn’t really solve my immediate needs. Thanks!