Is there no way to repeat (loop) automation? Edit: there is

Should be a checkbox in the gui to repeat an automation x many times

Um… There is.
Action => repeat

Script Syntax - Home Assistant (

Sorry. Now we know :partying_face:

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Used to yaml and didn’t look well enough recently :joy:

It’s not a recent addition though…

I have a feeling that this WTH month thing is so useful for us to learn… I also created an WTH asking for something that later I discovered it was already available. And I learned one more thing.

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When I did this, it simply repeated the last action in the automation. Is there a different way I’m missing?

Without seeing the code (since you didn’t post it) I can still say that it’s an indentation error.
I believe the GUI will make it easier to see what is part of the loop and not.