Is this a bug?

I’m using the UI to create an automation. I go to Configuration > Devices and click a device. For the sake of this example I’ll use a Sonos device in my bedroom. From the specific device screen, I click the blue plus to create a new automation. From the popup, I select “Bedroom is playing” from the “Only do something if…”. This brings me to an automation with a Condition set for my device. I got to Actions, Call service, light.turn_on and pick the bedroom light.

I get an error that says “Message malformed: Integration ‘’ not found”. This seems to be due to the fact that there is no trigger. If I change the condition to be a trigger, say state on that entity changes to playing then I can save it. Seems like either the automation builder should change to create a trigger and not a condition or automations should change to fire from conditions.

It’s not a bug.

It’s the way automations work. They need a trigger.

If you give it a condition why should the automation editor override your choice of the condition and make it a trigger instead?

Just give it a trigger and it will work fine.

I think he’s saying that when he clicks on something on the device page that is supposed to take him to the automation editor and insert it as a trigger, it’s actually inserting it as a condition instead.

OP, if that is what you’re saying (?) then that definitely sounds like a bug to me.

I don’t know… that sounds like a condition to me.

That’s exactly what I’m saying. The UI is trying to assist me in creating an automation but it creates a condition, which is useless without a trigger. Instead of creating a condition when a light turns on, it should create a state trigger for light.turn_on.

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Yeah, chuck a bug report in :+1:

I agree that “only do something if” sounds like a condition where “only do something when” sounds like a trigger but that’s semantics. From a usability perspective, the current functionality is confusing. I would assume I could use that shortcut, add an action, and have a simple automation. I would assume that most folks think automation as state change and that’s what they assume when they click to create.