Is this custom component broken, or am I doing something wrong? What alternatives are there?

I installed through HACS but it looks like this


the configuration is

type: 'custom:tempometer-gauge-card'
entity: sensor.climate_dht11_temperature
entity_max: sensor.temp_high # These are template sensors which just show an input_number + or - 3°
entity_min: sensor.temp_low
max: 50
min: 10
style: thermometer
title: Temperature

What other gauge components with VARIABLE min/max thresholds/severity are there?

Basically, I want to set a target temperature through an input_number and the gauge should be green, if the actual temperature is equal to the set temperature ±2, blue if it’s too low and red if it’s too high (perfect would be if I could define two more areas: a little too high +2 to +3 is orange and -2 to -3 is light blue)

I tried to use the built in gauge in combination with but failed miserably… :frowning:

There’s an open issue about this in the repo you linked.

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