Is this indicating my rpi 3B+ needs to be replaced

I have a brand new 64GB uSD card in my rpi 3B+. I have had problems with getting HA to run - slow loading on restart, windows not coming up (overview, devices, etc) or populating slowly (backups page). I have read some threads here on replacing rpi with new hardware, and I am wondering if this is the problem I am facing.

Part of my question relates to the newly released HAOS and Core, which is when all my problems seemed to start. Older threads on hardware are not based on new SW experience.

  • Core 2024.5.4
  • Supervisor 2024.05.1
  • Operating System 12.3
  • Frontend 20240501.1

Here is my log. Most of these are time-out type errors which tells me speed is an issue.

Any guidance is appreciated.

You might want to drop back to OS 12.2 and see how that works.

Issues · home-assistant/operating-system · GitHub.

Personally, I’d bite the bullet and move on to better hardware.
What’s the RAM on the pi3? 1-2Gb? That’s barely adequate these days.

Have a look around for a used laptop or pc in your area. It’ll cost you less than a new pi4 or 5 when you factor in all the accessories required, and will have enough horsepower to last you for a long while.

Lack of RAM on 3B+ is a problem. Increasing the swap file up to 2GB size will help for a while. Move away from using a SD card to a solid state drive if possible.

Give this a try:

ha os update --version 12.2

Also worth looking for a mis-behaving custom integration breaking thread rules and making you crash…

This is why I moved away from the pi3 I have spare at the moment as its just slow in all manner of things and just use a nuc to host HA in a VM instead, easier to backup, restore and generally manage in the long term too.

Somewhere in the update to Core 2024.5.x and OS 12.3, I started experiencing 25% higher memory utilization on my Pi3B+. It’s sat at around 50% for years, through all kinds of changes. This sudden spike (and volatility, it’s up and down now) are something new.

Blaming the hardware seems disingenuous at best. If it’s been working the same way, running the same hardware and performing the same functionality for years, and a software change introduces this big a difference, then I’d tend to suspect the software.

This is an age-old problem. Developers always use the latest and greatest hardware, with horsepower to spare, and have the skills to create complex environments to run their software. End users may not have the motivation, time or resources to stay on the bleeding edge with those developers, and get left behind.

One reason HA became so popular in the first place was that it was easy for anyone to install on an inexpensive (well, they used to be) RPi. I think pushing people away from that platform now only hurts HA in the long run.