Is this log behavior normal during HA shutdown before restart?

Just wondering if this kind of log printout in the screenshot below is a normal part of the shutdown process when requesting a restart. I never used to see these, but now (last week or so) I’m seeing more and more of them. Just wondered if I should be concerned. Everything else seems to run just fine when the system is up. Thanks.

I can confidently say that I have never seen that message on either of the two instances I have (both are 2021.5.5 Home Assistant Supervised on Debian).

Have you changed anything since you first noticed the appearance of the message? For example, have you installed a new integration recently?

Thanks for the reply. The only thing ‘new’ is that I’ve been doing a lot of scripting (template, rest, input, and script file reloading) without restarting the whole system.

I restarted Core last night before bed and you saw the printout out above, however I just restarted it again and there was only one line of that this time at shutdown (which is normal for me).

I’ll keep an eye on it to see what it could be. Just wanted to make sure it was not a normal thing.