Is this possible?

Hi everyone,

I’m a complete home automation noob, but really keen to get started!
In my home I have Nest (thermostat and protects) and a few Hue lights. I have just installed HA on my Pi3, and have picked up a Z-Stick, a couple of sensors (Fibaro and Aeotech), and a smart switch to play with.

My nest is in my lounge. My conservatory is not used as much as it could be because it is colder in the winter.

Would it be possible to do the following:
-If motion is detected in the conservatory have the lights turn on, and off again after 10mins of no motion? (easy I’m guessing)
-If motion is still detected after 10mins, have the target temperature read from my nest (in the lounge) and have the heating turn on until that temperature is reached in the conservatory?

I’m not asking anybody to explain to me how to do this as I’m quite happy to tinker, some pointers might be nice though :wink:

Just want to know if this kind of thing is possible with HA

Many thanks for your time


Yup. Definitely. These are all pretty straightforward and you’ll find some good examples here in the forums and in the cookbook.

Great, just needed to know I wasn’t going to spend days banging my head against the wall trying to achieve the achievable.

Thanks for the link, there’s plenty to keep me occupied on the cold winter nights!