Is this seat taken? (Zigbee)

Is this seat taken?

I was interested in installing an occupancy sensor on my study chair. This would allow me to adjust lighting and other settings when I am sitting in the chair, and also track the amount of time I spend sitting. Of course, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on it.

Universal Car Seat Pressure Sensor:

Zigbee Door Window Sensor:

Ikea Gurli pillow case

Piece of artificial leather 38x38 cm

Thin seat pillow (for garden seats)
Thick, soft seat pillow

Sellotape, Double Sided Tape

Manufacturing process:

  1. Disassemble the door/window sensor. Drill wire holes just in case. Locate the magnetic sensor (a Reed relay, probably) and solder wires on its pads. Assemble sensor.

  2. Cut a piece of artificial leather to the required dimensions and stick the seat pressure sensor on it. Stick a piece of thick nylon over the sensor for extra protection.

  3. Stick a door or window sensor on the edge of a leather pad and connect it with a seat pressure sensor.

  4. In the pillowcase, place a thin pillow, a leather pad with a sensor over it, and a thick pillow over all.

  5. Pair the sensor, place a pillow on the chair, sit down on it, and enjoy whatever automations you want.