Is this the perfect standalone tablet for HA?

Also copying another recommendation from the discord which I found useful:
unlock developer options → find “smallest width” → set to 600dp to make the keyboard not take up the full screen and to make the UI elements smaller


Does this solve any of the known issues? ie. screen timeout, sound not working in HA/other apps.

Can this be done with a unit that has the 8.1 rom installed?


Thanks @Endlessvoid! So it sounds like the only known issue with this ROM is that auto brightness does not work?

@mattmon - do you think this is ready enough for the HA community to use this for your wiki post at the top of this thread?

Unfortunately it is not a wiki post. @mattmon would you consider moving this thread to the wiki system in the forum? Or start a new one there with the GSI instructions?

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Thanks so much for this @Endlessvoid! Also curious about any significant improvements with Android 11 and whether it solves any of the outstanding issues.

Here are mine:

  • Video playback seems hit or miss on the current ROM though that may be fixable - haven’t investigated yet.

  • Screen timeout / Sleep/Wake issue

  • Can’t get dark mode working on Fully Kiosk (I think THAT is an OS Issue). HA in Dark Mode does work/look great in Firefox though

Any downside with the newer firmware?

I may be able to answer all of these questions myself since I hate a 2nd device that I haven’t touched yet so I can do a side by side comparison. May not get to it until this weekend though.

Loving this thing as a replacement for my Lenovo M8 tablet which looks great and was working Ok until a recent update (OS I believe) - now it seems to freeze / need a reboot like once a day or more.

The screen timeout/sleep/wake issue is semi-fixed by repurposing the camera shutter as the power button. Not ideal, but at least it can be woken up easily now. Still no tap to wake though.

I haven’t seen any issues with the video or sound playback yet, but I’m not primarily using it for media playback.

I also don’t use fully kiosk so I can’t speak to any bugs there, but setting the UI to dark mode doesn’t seem to cause any issues.

It can be flashed right over the current 8.1 rom in the top post.

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Is the Auto Brightness issue is related to sensor drivers? From what I understand that Adaptive Brightness can be controlled using Google’s Device Health Service app that comes pre-installed on most Android phones.

With GSI A11, can the HA app still wake the screen by receiving a command? That’s currently what I do with A8 in the rare scenarios that the screen actually does go to sleep. I rarely have a need to wake the screen physically on the device, so the shutter option is plenty good for my use case.

im sticking on 8.1 for now as it seems to be working fine (at least for my own requirements)
i installed fullykiosk using the apk
i logged in to Teams app (kinda handy because of my work is fully working on MS teams)
kinda a dual purpose device.
no screen issue, no wifi issue, auto brightness seems to work without issue too.

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No, IMHO, the gsi is not yet at a point where I’d recommend it over the 8.1 rom.
(For most people)

It’s an awesome development and it is, for the most part, usable.

Until the gsi attains functional parity with the 8.1 rom, I’ll leave it as an experimental exercise for those interested and/or motivated to use it.


Anyone know of a reasonably priced way of getting a few of these in the UK? Seems like the seller on Amazon isn’t available any longer and most sources I found won’t even ship to UK.

I agree with this, its why I haven’t posted a full proper thread for it. Till we fix some of the remaining issues. But development is moving quickly.


Everyone, rest assured, there will be a prominent link to @deadman96385’s thread in OP once he feels the GSI is ready for GA.

Sure would be cool to have an improved boot animation for the new rom…
(With the new HA logo)

Anyone with animation skills want to contribute?
Here’s your chance to be on on countless kitchen counters, haha.

@KTibow posted this on reddit.

Good start, but wish it had more of an organic feel like the one by @andyfitz


Do you mind pointing out which rom you used exactly and what are the steps you followed? Appreciate your help, thanks.

hey no worries at all, i followed this

Maybe the same animation as is used quite often in videos etc. by the HA team is a possibility? So the one used at the end of the last release party for example:

It may be a bit too short though.

These developments have been exciting to follow! I’ve ordered one for myself to try out

That looks great!

Though you’re right, there’s not enough frames.

Would also be nice to have the first frame be seamless with the rest of the animation.
(So that handing off from kernel to android splash looks good.)

Does nabu casa have a repo somewhere with all these branding goodies?

While we’re talking about artwork… there’s a couple other areas we can add HA flair.

  1. The backgrounds displayed in recovery and bootloader modes.
  2. The default android wallpaper

…any ideas?

There’s a repo linked here, but I can’t tell if it has the animated logo or just the static ones (on mobile): Home Assistant Design

Joined this community just to say thanks to @mattmon for this awesome work and @jakhei for the walkthrough. A project like this rarely works the first time for me, but it did thanks to you all!

Forgive my ignorance, and please direct me to other sources, but now I’m wondering:

  1. How can I install a snapcast client on these devices? I don’t understand whether it’s possible to SSH into the Lenovo to clone repos and compile it on the device. [Edit for those who come after me: I’m a fool. It’s just on the app store. I was overcomplicating it.]
  2. I have four of these Lenovos, is there a way I can set up the first one how I want it then flash the others from it rather than go through all the setup again?

Thanks again folks, this is awesome.