Is this weird: automation working although entity status not available in UI

I have a Zigbee bulb and motion sensor. There is an automation which turns on the bulb on motion and then off after absence of motion for a time - pretty standard I imagine.

Recently I was trying to change the settings on the bulb in the default Lovelace dashboard and it’s inaccessible. I can’t control it, or see its status. However, the automation is still running. Is that normal? Is it somehow offloaded elsewhere? I can see the automation having run in its timeline, but remain unable to access the properties of the entity.

What can I do to resolve this, please?

If you go to the entities list and use the filter to show hidden entities does it show up?

Sorry, I didn’t explain this well. It’s not that it’s not visible, but that I can’t do anything with it. I can see the entity but if I try to turn it on or off, say, it simply fails. And yet, the automation is clearly able to do this.

Is the bulb controlled by a toggle button in the dashboard? Is the toggle greyed out or, if you click the toggle does it go on for a moment and then, almost immediately, go back to off?

The latter. It lets me toggle, which has no effect, and then it toggles back.

When I’ve seen this it means that HA isn’t getting feedback from the device saying it’s done what was requested.

The automation works because it isn’t dependent on any feedback. It doesn’t care what the current state of the device is, it simply fires a turn on or turn off command.

Try re-pairing the device. You don’t need to delete it or anything before re-pairing.

OK, thank you. I will try that

Well, the weirdness persists: I tried to re-pair it, but HA just wouldn’t see it. So, I left it switched off overnight. I switched it back on this morning and was preparing to again try to re-pair. However, I noticed a few minutes later that it had dimmed back to its “overnight” setting.
When I went back into the dashboard, it was working perfectly normally again.

How strange. Good luck.

Thank you. It has now reverted to the uncommunicative state. I suspect that it might be due to a failing on one of the bulbs/router nearby