Is time based lighting automation work without internet?

I’m new to home assistant os. I have created some time based lighting automations but it’s not working. Is time based lighting automations work without internet access?

I think Home Assistant OS itself wouldn’t even run properly without internet access.

Please show the code you tried which did not work. You can also go to developer Tool -> States and chevk wheter it shows the correct time when you enter

{{ now() }}

While I don’t run HA OS I wouldn’t think that was true.

I can see how some parts wouldn’t work if those parts specifically needed access (Nabu Casa or integrations that need could polling) but HA itself should continue to run fine without it.

I’ve had a few (self-imposed) internet outages and all of my local only automations ran fine as far as I can remember.

I also don’t run HA OS, but I read quite some posts here that there are issues without internet and HA OS and people ranting about it, because they thought it’s local.
The problem is that e.g. DNS servers are hardcoded in HA OS.

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Actually, I think you are right on that.

I completely forgot that functionality.

Another good reason to not use HA OS. :wink:

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