Is Tuya / Smartlife down?

Just getting a spinning blue circle after scanning the QR code and clicking logon.
Tried tuya and smartlife.

Maybe the backend they use is down ?

I had restore back to 2024.5.5 as kept getting asked to re-authorize the smartlife, so on restore, got the same, last time I hoped but now this. I have 24 tuya devices in total.

This months updates the worse for me so far in my Home Assistant journey.

Working again now… Strange.
I will move all my 24 devices to the tuya integration now so I am not on the custom smartlife one anymore… hopefully that will not keep asked for the re-auth - which means enabling the power monitoring of each device again. And the renaming of the ‘door’ sensors to ‘Windows’.

Welcome to Tuya. One of the reasons Tuya is not on everyone’s buy list.

you should look at something like localtuya, which (like the name implies) all runs locally on your home network. so it is resilient to the tuya back end going down, and also it doesn’t have to round trip data so performance can be faster.

it has limitations on the types of devices it supports, so i personally run multiple integrations for my tuya devices… but i’ve gotten it to work.

I have just one device on localtuya - because it was not supported on the main integration. Oh the pain in getting that one thing working - so very technical - but I got their in the end. Then the emails saying I have to pay them 6 months later, and then came the googling that I have to ‘request’ an extension and hope for the best. Which I did. I may go down that way again one day - just not today!

The official tuya integration is imho, risky now. The cloud side frequently fails to respond and you should assume the status seen in HA may not reflect the real status of your device.

Which is why I jumped to localtuya.

Isn’t localtoya dependent on the whole iot hoops you have to go through for setup? What if they cut off that free home use thing?

Nope. It helps if you have it, as it gets all the keys for you. But as it says on the site, its not mandatory.

  • Cloud API Optional - Only used to assist in the devices setup process

You must have your device’s localkey and ID to add your device to LocalTuya. The easiest way is to configure the Cloud API account in the integration.

If you want to obtain the id and localkey without configuring the cloud API, good guides are available for
TuyaAPI Setup, TinyTuya, or MarkVideo.

(Add new devices - Localtuya)