Is upgradeing to HassOS 4.11 on a RPi 3B+ safe?

Hello all.

After last upgrade-attempt (v4.8) I have become scared upgradering my installation again. Last time the upgrade introduced only problems, and I had to spend a day or two restoring all from a backup + reinstalling all of the plugins.

Now, I see that version 4.11 is out. Do anyone know if the bugs preventing bootup now are fixed so that I can upgrade my RPi 3b+ without experiencing the “panic” I did last time?

I just took the plunge and it upgraded just fine and back up and running in a few mins. :+1:

No problems here

Is anyone using Bluetooth presence detection with
V4.11 and Raspberry Pi 3B+?
Running Home Assistant 0.112.2
Had a lot of issues last time I did a HassOS update.
Would be great to know it is working before taking the plunge.