Is wifi ssid used for zone detection?

I wonder if the wifi ssid can be used for zone (home) detection, have priority over GPS location, and if so, where to enable this. Sometimes I’m at home and the GPS location can show me outside of the home area for a few seconds, and then the Away automations are firing, which can be annoying

No it is not used for zone detection. Make sure to update to 3.0.2, ensure all location sensors are enabled and make sure you kept the default settings. You may need to adjust settings as well if you notice that your accuracy when you get incorrect reports is off.

In my house, the WiFi BSSID sensor from smartphones most accurately determines the presence of the house by the MAC address of the router. How can you use it in device tracking?

Just use the sensor instead of the device tracker in your automations

I want to attach the condition WiFi BSSID = My Router MAC together with GPS sensors and data about connected devices from the router to person. Don’t know how to do this?