Is Worx Landroid still supported?

I purchased a worx Landroid robot mower WG796E.1 and since I updated the 5.18 firmware it is no longer recognized by HA. Is it still supported? Thanks and sorry for my English


Also interested to hear. Thanks

I’m running mine WG796E.1, no problem at all to get it into Home Assistant. But I haven’t upgraded my mower. Didn’t know there was a new firmware.
I tried to log in to worxlandroid,com but I couldn’t find any new firmware. The site forced me to create a new account but it refused to accept the serial number of my robot so I got stuck at the registration page.
But on the other hand, I have no problem with my current firmware version (3.1 from 2016 i think)
I’m using the standard Worx Landroid component.

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