Is zigbee2mqtt so confusing only for me?

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Hi. I am trying to get rid of xiaomi hubs and I went zigbee2mqtt because of wide range of supported devices

First issue, I did not make it working with cc2530 + antenna. I flashed it, then whent to Home Assistant and installed zigbee2mqtt addon and choosed needed port (I tried all of them actually. 4 times…), but zigbee2mqtt wont start ‘Error: AREQ - SYS - resetInd after 30000ms’. I tried cc2530 and that worked. Then I installed zigbee2mtqq assistant and started adding devices. Here is my big problem:

Devices are connecting REALLY hard. I mean, 10-30 minutes on one device… It never connect from first time. And then it can connect with issue saying ‘maybe this device is not yet supported?’ (Yes it is).

Then I try to delete it, get another issue on page, or just blank page (a get is pretty often)

Ok, in 30 minutes and bunch of tries I’ll get it in there. But it’s not done yet. Then I do not get status from device. For example, my motion sensor was ‘on’ all night. I am really annoyed, paired 8 devices in like 4 hours of pain. What is wrong with me? I am paring devices like xiaomi motion, aqara motion, door sensor (aqara and xiaomi), aqara temperature sensor, aqara light switches.

i had similar issues, turned out i had use another usb port (read on other topics it might be related to interference)

Update. I turned off 2.4ghz on router and devices started to connect a lot easier. Then I got 20 of them and understood that that’s the limit for one cc2531 :c
Should have read documentation more careful before ordering.

But anyways, I get a solid connection with xiaomi hub even with 2.4ghz turned on (yes it is 5-6 meters away from router, when cc2531 was 1-2 meters away)

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Is your CC2531 directly plugged in your RbPi, or do you use an extension cable?

Firstly I tried to plug it in directly, then used half a meter cable (usb male - usb female). I did not notice significant differences

If you have many devices, the CC2350 is not going to cut it. Best to get a conbee or one of those TI dev boards. I bought myself the big TI dev board and have no regrets. Zigbee network has never been so stable since :slight_smile:

yeah, thinking about conbee 2, thanks :slight_smile:

Hi I’m researching this…If you don’t mind me asking, which board did you get?

This one:

But it looks like there are already smaller form factor and cheaper alternatives if you scroll up a little on the page.

Here you can find all supporter adapters:

I have a cc2351 - was not reliable, had some issues during pairing and the range was too small

Switched to ConBee2 performance is much better but still some glitches, nothing big, I assume because it’s still experimental.

Now I ordered slaesh’s CC2652RB stick, read through some really good feedback, will see how it will work.

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Would be nice to hear from you how cc2652 performed :slight_smile:

Sure, I will let you know :wink:

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Have it running for a few days now, without any complains by now. Pairing was easy all devices were recognized directly. Range is bigger as ConBee2 or CC2531. Have approx. 20 devices mostly xiaomi aquara and sonoff. By now everything works like a charm. I use the stick with zigbee2mqtt not with ZHA. I can definitively recommend it.