Ismartgate cam

Has anyone managed to make one of these work with

I can get it to work on my PC but no matter what I try can’t get it to work at all in Would love to be able to get live video.

It looks like this camera is an IP camera, so I guess you can make it work using the mjepg component or the generic IP camera component. Have you tried this?
Also you mention you can get it to work on your PC… How? Through an app? Via browser?

Yes tried generic camera.

  - platform: generic
    stream_source: rtsp://
    username: redact
    password: redact
    name: Garage Camera

The still image is ‘made-up’ Tried RTSP and also http. The http port is 88 (and I used that), 554 for rtsp

Works in a web browser going to the http address:port and user/pass. I did have to install a codec to make it work.

According to ispy there’s still image url here:

http://user:[email protected]:88/cgi-bin/CGIProxy.fcgi?cmd=snapPicture2&usr=user&pwd=pass&

Thanks Tom. I actually found how to make it work by enabling Onvif camera. I did search that site for ismart and didn’t get a match either… weird. Anyway I got it working.

I used google’s site search.

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I can confirm that the ismartgate camera indeed works with Home Assistant when using the ONVIF integration. The camera can be added to HA using port 888. :metal: :sunglasses: :muscle: