ISO: Car stereo / head unit for HA app and Carplay

This isn’t a super specific question, sorry, I don’t know what I don’t know. But any insight or coversation would be interesting on the subject. Not sure if anyone else has this concern or thought about this…

I’m using HA for vanlife (RV type setting) - it runs everything: lights, power system, ODB2 engine readings, propane, gps etc. Trying to pick through my thoughts on the best way to do this, but I’m looking for an always on display for HA, ideally on the van dash. I hate redundancy, so I was hoping to run it from the same screen that is my stereo head unit, or even have my HA RPi4 “be” my head unit. Music playback (Spotify, I use the stereo/van speakers as my home surround sound music stereo via BT or CarPlay), and navigation are really the only non-HA things I care about in the unit.

Does anyone know of any good double-din tesla style screens that could run HA and still work the stereo and manage apple CarPlay? Would be really cool to splitscreen and see Carplay navigation alongside HA dashboard.

Additionally, has anyone used their HA server device with a screen directly, ie. not headless? Not even sure really if thats a thing, but could be cool to design a system that can manage the HA interface on the same screen as some other things, using a single device / power supply.


Not sure if you have seen this bad boy but on my hunt for running HA essentially as “Car Assistant” on a Pi hidden somewhere in my car and a seperate Pi as a HU I found this cool project known as CarPi Hat.It is mainly used with a software called OpenAuto and not sure if it has been used with other software that can replicate HUs with CarPlay/Android Auto but OpenAuto is capable of running both.

Could be a useful.

This is interesting! My approach might be heavy handed but…
I ended up going this route to get diagnostic data into HA:

And my plan soon is to ditch the head unit altogether and fashion a double din base vesa 100x100 mount for an iPad case, try to tidy it all, run power, ethernet, a DAC for stereo, all to the iPad. And I’ll have splitscreen HA and navigation, being able to control Spotify on the iPad as a music output device.

These guys are obsessed. You can run stock Android and go from there.

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I’ll try the Phoenix site on desktop but man that sites a struggle on mobile haha.