ISO CERTIFIED CO & Natural gases sensors

Hello guys. I am finding some certified sensors as in the title.
They should be compliant to EN 50194 for Gases, and 50291-1:2018 for carbon monoxyde.

Since they’re mandatory in a Bed & Breakfast (where i have kiosk tablets in each room), would be great to inform the customer of the air quality (drawing a graph also).

I’ve found two ioT devices (one for each certification), but i don’t know if they can be integrated in HA.

That’s for domestic gas
This fot Carbon monoxyde

I was asking if someone has a certified and HAssistant capable alternative (maybe also cheaper)


For GPL: WiFi gas sensor - Zamel CGZ-02

For CO : Xindum B0CBX1JNCR

They should be tuya compatible, but i think does not gives values, only for alarm. They costs respectively 25 & 32 €

Both certified.

Delivered. They are tuya compatible, so i’ve easily integrated it into homeassistant.
They give infos about Battery and alarm (on/off).
However a CO (or CO2) graph would been nicer.
Maybe i’ll add it with an ESP32 + CO2 sensor paired with some led stuff to control.