Hi I would like to know if possible adding IsolarCloud to check on my solar panels output ?
There is a python script listed here Sungrow inverter data scrpt but as i’m not programmer I wouldn’t know where to start.


@arfrater how did you go with this? Did you manage to find a HA solution?

Hi no not yet went onto other more obtainable things (esphome etc)

Hi everyone,
Just thought I’d let you guys know that I’ve been reverse-engineering the iSolarCloud “API”, (it’s not really an API). I’ve managed to map out all the endpoints and now steadily going through them all validating request and response JSON data for each.

My intent is to have this run as an MQTT client that will speak to my HASS instance.

GitHub repo is here…

Comments suggestions welcome.

FYI… I now have a PoC executable that pushes to HASSIO MQTT.

This is awesome! I will definitely have a look at this :slight_smile:

It’s progressed some more. It’s now “production ready” with a stack of HA integration and standalone graphing tools.

Also emulated the nice Sungrow overview in HA…

Looking better now.

HASSIO version…

Compared to the SunGrow app…

Wow that’s great, could you tell us how to install it? Please!

Yes, please how can we install this?

Just in case you missed it; have a look at this thread - Home Assistant Community Add-on: iSolarCloud / Sungrow